Plan2Action provides support and guidance to develop a realistic and practical business plan. There are 3 parts to this process – develop the plan, AME quarterly (action, monitor, evaluate) and review and document your activity annually.  The tools used in this process will enable you to always know exactly where you are headed, why, and how you are going to get there. The Plan2Action process is systematic and efficient to save you time and give you confidence and control. 

action, monitor & evaluate

Plan2Action continues the practical planning process by becoming your independent accountability buddy. The actions you set are monitored and evaluated in quarterly meetings to keep you on track. The process ensures the actions are realistic, timely and achievable and always focused on  accountability and alignment with your overall business objectives. You will achieve your goals; Plan2Action is an insurance policy for your action plan.


The third part of the practical planning process is to document your activity. Have you ever finished an incredibly busy year, and wished you could glance over a summary of everything you had done in that year? The Annual Business Review will do just that for you. Together we will collate all the significant events, actions, decisions, client information and much more and document what you have achieved, and what you have learned. You will be prepared for any event or opportunity that comes along, with a documented history of your business activity.


Plan2Action’s entire business model is reliant on efficient systems and processes. Have you ever thought there was an area of your business that could be more efficient? A process that seemed cumbersome or repetitive? A whole department that was not achieving its purpose? Plan2Action can undertake a detailed review of your systems and processes in order to bring you increased productivity through improved efficiencies.


Documenting the reason you are in business and how it all began is an important story that shouldn’t stay in your head. Along with that is your brand, your ideas and dreams, and your objectives and strategies for the next 3-5 years. By working through Plan2Action’s Strategic Planning workbook, you will be able to record the important history of your business, where you want to be headed and how you are going to get there.


By using the system and process efficiency service we can enable a business to pin point the right person for their business with ease. Knowing in detail the needs of your business can allow you to easily identify the right candidate. The recruitment process undertaken by Plan2Action begins with a detailed review of the role and requirements, and ends with a detailed and structured induction program and a failsafe Performance Management System. Every single aspect of the process must tie back to the business’s overall objectives.


My practical approach to developing your plan is grounded in action, accountability and alignment. 


Efficiency is the key to success. My process is clear, timely and achievable.


With my structure you will always know where you are and where you’re headed. 


To succeed, your plan must be challenging but realistic and I will help keep you on track.


- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 


Phil Browne

Managing Partner

In my businesses, Anna was the driver and the mechanic in the planning process. I found I needed someone who was focused on process and timing, who would manage around schedules, and overall, would be in charge of this business planning process. Such a process won’t work well if it isn’t communicated. Our staff were all involved at each stage, business information was transparent and Anna enabled the wheels to be oiled so they weren’t squeaky for very long. I recommend Anna for managing the business planning journey that you wish to take.

Julia Richardson


The Friday Collective has benefitted enormously from working with Anna. She has helped us have the conversations we needed to have, and guided us towards financial and structural solutions that will set us on course for a successful future. As a result, we feel better informed, better equipped and more confident about our business. We hope to have Anna involved in our professional lives for many years to come.

David Goldsmith

Former GM

Anna undertook the business planning for Backpackers Buddy for 6 years while I was General Manager. I found her guidance invaluable. We always knew exactly what we were aiming for but were never restricted by inflexible plans or goals. The documented review at the end of each year was always a boost to staff as it would show us what we set out to achieve and how we performed. We were able to attribute additional gains to the staff members with high performance. I would highly recommend Anna’s services.



I am Anna Hughes, from Sydney, Australia. For 18 years I’ve worked with small and medium businesses and witnessed continuous time restraints for planning and action. I’ve seen passion, commitment and enthusiasm dampened by the day to day challenges that take time and energy. Plan2Action was developed to ensure your plans and ideas are actioned! My passion is to guide and organise businesses to achieve their goals, monitor their performance and review and celebrate their success.

​My experience is from the education industry, and Professional Practice (Chartered Accounting) where I’ve worked with many clients in a variety of industries. I’ve a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Accounting (Macquarie University) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Management (Macquarie Graduate School of Management).


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